Thirlemer & Helvellyn by Reginald H Green ARE is a framed drypoint. 44x35cm framed size. 

A favourite place for poets Coleridge & Wordsworth.
Also for being the demise of the artist Charles Gough (1784-1805); achieved more in his death here than he did in his lifetime. Fell of the summit to his death. Landseer painted a picture to recount the tale. Hough's dog stayed by her dead master, and was still there 3 months later when Gough's body was discovered. Dog lived.
Sir Walter Scott composed a poem about it.
Green was from Norfolk. Lived Surrey from 1910.
Active 1910-1948.
Day job was as a Teacher.
Exhibited RA, RE.
Died Maidenhead.

Reginald H Green ARE (1884-1971) - Thirlmere & Helvellyn